What makes a Tilmac Fabricated Shed stronger and more durable?

While a purlin (C Section shed) may be a cheaper alternative for small sized sheds, did you know that a Tilmac Fabricated Shed in most instances is the same price as a purlin shed for medium-large sheds plus are stronger, more versatile and longer lasting.

Why are they stronger?

Steel: Tilmac uses only premium first grade steel. Our fabricated sheds are made from RHS – Rectangular Hollow Section. This is structural steel and is much stronger than C Section.

Safety: Tilmac Fabricated Sheds have no sharp edges unlike purlin sheds. This is particularly important if you have children or using your sheds for horses or livestock

Columns & Rafters: Smooth, fully enclosed RHS columns look better and are much stronger.

Tilmac Fabricated sheds do not have Apex and Knee Braces. You will lose up to one third of your wall space with knee braces causing obstruction.

Versatility: Being made from RHS gives you the added ability to add welds to your shed. It is not recommended to weld C section zinc light weight steel.