Distributor Opportunities

What is tilmac

Tilmac is a division of the very successful family owned manufacturing business, Davimac Engineering, which now has established Tilmac as a leader in the shed manufacturing and distribution industry in Australia, with over 40 years of industry experience.

Tilmac gives distributors the most comprehensive and versatile range of shed products available in the shed industry, including Fabricated Rural Industrial and Commercial Buildings (custom design with tilt panel options available), purlin frame garages and workshops, Aussie Barns,American Barns, Gable and flat roof carports and more……………

Tilmac provides distributors the best possible opportunities to compete in today’s market. Tilmac will assist you with branding and marketing through providing websites, toll free numbers, yellow pages via book and internet, promotional products, access to literature and advertising and all available marketing tools to best run your shed distribution business that can be tailored to your market demand.

What Tilmac is not

Tilmac is not a Franchise!

The disadvantage of any franchise, is you are effectively building up the value of someone else’s business, not necessarily yours. You are often restricted to very limited territory and growth. Tilmac is different, we simply give you products and support you need to run your own shed distribution business, with minimal upfront or annual costs.

Tilmac invites you to start or grow your shed distributing and building business, to provide customers with any design possible to suit there needs.

Tilmac will provide you with everything you need to run a competitive shed distribution business without being tied down to big groups, locked into franchise contracts and also without losing your autonomy.

“With Tilmac you get everything. They’re a great company, great product and you get to talk to people face to face” – Inverall Tilmac Distributor

Tilmac is not just a program provider selling one range of product with no extra support when something goes wrong, but a full service; tilmac offers

  • Any Shed, Any Size as we say
  • Full pricing, engineering and design support
  • promotional, marketing and sales support
  • ongoing development and training of product knowledge

We are the complete service, unlike any other.

Support & System

As all business owners know , there is more involved in building a succesful shed distribution business than just a superior product range, Tilmac offers all the other support neccesary in achieving your goals. As a Tilmac distributor you are apart of our company and we strive to make sure that you are successful in every way.

Along with Pricing Programs and ongoing training of product knowledge required to sell and promote your Tilmac sheds, Tilmac offers support with your initial set-up, through to the design, engineering, ordering and management proccesses, and we are available for any technical support and advice.

Building a business from the ground up can be quite challenging, At Tilmac that work is already done for you. We can offer you support neccessary to establish your new distributorship. We have all the marketing materials to get you started, and can work to design marketing materials to suit your tastes and market demands. With a very prominent Logo and product range, this will not take long for you to be well on your way to success with Tilmac.

Tilmac can help provide and shape a variety of un-related elements into your business which includes materials such as;

  • Logo design- Strong Recognisable TILMAC Logo
  • Stationery- Letterheads, with compliments slips, business cards, envelopes writing pads
  • Promotional- development of additional brochure / pamphlet materials, stickers, hats etc…..
  • Advertising- Artwork for newspaper, magazine adds and yellow pages placements
  • Signage- Sign designs for shop-front, building site and vehicle prescence

Tilmac is a credible shed supplier, with over 40 years experience to structure our business and proven shed designs to suit you!


Fabricated Rural & Industrial Buildings

Garages and Farm Sheds

Specialty Commercial and Domestic Buildings

To find out more about this opportunity please call

Tilmac on (02) 6360 2222 or email [email protected]