What makes a Tilmac Fabricated Shed stronger and more durable?

When does a Fabricated shed become a more economical choice?

Did you know Tilmac fabricated sheds are a more cost effective solution for anyone wanting to build a medium to large shed?

The biggest advantage of a Tilmac fabricated frame shed is the simplicity of its design. The time and cost required to build your fabricated shed will ultimately cost you 5% less or more if you build or employ a shed builder to construct your shed compared to a C purlin frame shed.

So why is this so

1. C Purlin Sheds generally have more parts and fasteners than a fabricated shed.

Tilmac fabricated sheds have all brackets and cleats welded to the frame. The only parts you require to construct your fabricated shed are the columns, rafters and end wall mullions. So no time is wasted on

Figuring out what all the different brackets and parts are for
Where they need to be attached
Bolting the parts to the shed frame
Bolting the frame together
Cutting in apex and knee braces
You or your shed builder can begin standing your Tilmac Fabricated shed immediately!

2. Easy Measurement and Placement

Tilmac fabricated sheds require minimal to no measurements.
Imagine building a large C Purlin Shed, you have to

1. Bolt base cleats to slab

2. Measure the distance from the edge of the slab to the position of the brackets which are offset by the width of the side girts

3. Measure the centers from end to end by the sheds bay size

3. Standing the frame

Tilmac fabricated Sheds are made of structural RHS steel and universal beam which provides a rigid steel frame. C purlin sheds are very unstable over large spans until fully standing and cross braced. Tilmac Fabricated shed are a lot more stable, easier to handle and less stressful to work with, especially for larger sized sheds.

So why compromise. A fabricated shed is a more economical choice for medium to large sheds plus are stronger, longer lasting and more flexible in design.