tilmac mezzanine floor

Why Choose a Tilmac Mezzanine Floor

Put your wasted space to work with a Tilmac Mezzanine Floor. Mezzanine Floors are the cost effective solution for storage and space problems. Expand your new or existing steel building with a Tilmac Mezzanine floor without having to extend or relocate your site.

  • Robust steel structure constructed from UB or C purlin steel
  • Choose from fully engineered 1.5KPA @600 centres or 3KPA @450 centres (higher rating if required)
  • Main support beams, secondary deck beams and floor support columns
  • Heavy duty particle flooring
  • Staircase sets feature steel treads
  • Optional pallet access gate
  • Premium quality, Australian Steel for durability and strength
  • Australian made, owned & backed
  • Top level service every time
  • Local distributors who can handle everything from design though to handover

No job is too big or too small. At Tilmac, we offer flexible designs and frame types to suit your requirements. You will have a choice from an extensive variety of sizes, designs and options to guarantee your tilmac mezzanine floor gets the job done!