What makes a Tilmac Fabricated Shed stronger and more durable?

Shed safe but not “ShedSafe™”

When you buy a shed from Tilmac you are guaranteed you are buying one of the toughest, most durable and safest sheds around. So why aren’t we ShedSafe accredited?

ShedSafe is a scheme managed by the Australian Steel Institute designed as  “a third party review for engineering and design conducted by independent consulting engineers.” (ShedSafe)

This means that during accreditation “engineering principles, plans and structural calculations used by the Shed Manufacturer have been subject to a design and documentation review undertaken by an independent third party structural engineer” (ShedSafe, 2014)

So here’s the catch:

  1. The ShedSafe program only covers cold formed steel portal frame sheds (purlin framed sheds). Tilmac is a purlin and fabricated shed specialist and does not fit into this category.
  2. Every Tilmac shed has its design and engineering already reviewed and approved by an independent third party engineer. So why pay thousands to have ShedSafe check our  designs and engineering only during accreditation?



Our sheds are the safest, here’s why.

  1. Your Tilmac shed is Engineer Approved by an independent consulting engineer – They ensure our sheds comply with the Building Code of Australia (BCA).
  2. Your Tilmac Shed is Site specific engineered – This means a set of engineering documents are provided to our engineer exclusively for your site. These are your assurance and peace of mind that the engineer has seen and certified your project.
  3. Your Tilmac shed can withstand and outlast extreme weather and wind conditions – Your shed is designed to withstand the correct application of Wind Loads for your site, based on the information supplied about your site. This is then forwarded to the engineer for approval to enable council/shire approval.

We may not be ShedSafe accredited but our sheds are the safest – guaranteed.

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