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Fabricated Shed by Havashed

Posted on 03 Mar 2015 by Shannon McNab

What an impressive fabricated shed by the team at Havashed in Wagga Wagga NSW

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Build Faster with Tilmac Fabricated Sheds

Posted on 09 Feb 2015 by Amy McNab

Did you know a shed erector can begin standing Tilmac fabricated frame sheds immediately as ALL brackets are welded to the frame.The Main frame for a large rural /industrial shed should be standing on day one. Our sheds are made of structural RHS steel which is rigid and easy to handle on large buildings. There are NO Knee or Apex Braces required.Once the main frame is bolted together it can be lifted into place without the use of a spreader bar and extra bracing.The average erector will save approximately 3 days building a shed of this size.This will not only save erecting costs ans time but you will save on other requirements such as a scissor lift hire and crane hire.

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While a purlin (C Section shed) may be a cheaper alternative for small sized sheds, did you know that a Tilmac Fabricated Shed in most instances is the same price as a purlin shed for medium-large sheds plus are stronger, more versatile and longer lasting.

Why are they stronger?

Steel: Tilmac uses only premium first grade steel. Our fabricated sheds are made from RHS – Rectangular Hollow Section. This is structural steel and is much stronger than C Section.

Safety: Tilmac Fabricated Sheds have no sharp edges unlike purlin sheds. This is particularly important if you have children or using your sheds for horses or livestock

Columns & Rafters: Smooth, fully enclosed RHS columns look better and are much stronger.

Tilmac Fabricated sheds do not have Apex and Knee Braces. You will lose up to one third of your wall space with knee braces causing obstruction.

Versatility: Being made from RHS gives you the added ability to add welds to your shed. It is not recommended to weld C section zinc light weight steel. 

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Fabricated Shed Features

Posted on 09 Dec 2014 by Amy McNab

When does a Fabricated shed become a more economical choice?

Did you know Tilmac fabricated sheds are a more cost effective solution for anyone wanting to build a medium to large shed?

The biggest advantage of a Tilmac fabricated frame shed is the simplicity of its design. The time and cost required to build your fabricated shed will ultimately cost you 5% less or more if you build or employ a shed builder to construct your shed compared to a C purlin frame shed. 

So why is this so

1. C Purlin Sheds generally have more parts and fasteners than a fabricated shed.

Tilmac fabricated sheds have all brackets and cleats welded to the frame. The only parts you require to construct your fabricated shed are the columns, rafters and end wall mullions. So no time is wasted on

  1. Figuring out what all the different brackets and parts are for
  2. Where they need to be attached
  3. Bolting the parts to the shed frame
  4. Bolting the frame together
  5. Cutting in apex and knee braces

You or your shed builder can begin standing your Tilmac Fabricated shed immediately!

2. Easy Measurement and Placement

Tilmac fabricated sheds require minimal to no measurements.   

Imagine building a large C Purlin Shed, you have to

1. Bolt base cleats to slab

2. Measure the distance from the edge of the slab to the position of the brackets which are offset by the width of the side girts

3. Measure the centers from end to end by the sheds bay size

3. Standing the frame

Tilmac fabricated Sheds are made of structural RHS steel and universal beam which provides a rigid steel frame. C purlin sheds are very unstable over large spans until fully standing and cross braced. Tilmac Fabricated shed are a lot more stable, easier to handle and less stressful to work with, especially for larger sized sheds.

So why compromise. A fabricated shed is a more economical choice for medium to large sheds plus are stronger, longer lasting and more flexible in design. 

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Tilmac Grain Shed in Action

Posted on 03 Dec 2014 by Amy McNab

Check out a Tilmac Grain Shed in action. 
Featured is the Spring Vale Farms Tilmac Grain Shed being used for short term storage of wheat. Watch as the grain is moved from the shed to the truck via the grain/auger chute. 
What a great feeling to have harvest all finished!

Tilmac grain sheds will store and protect your precious assets from the weather during harvest and can double as a machinery/storage shed when not in use! To learn more, click here.

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