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Build Faster with Tilmac Fabricated Sheds

Posted on 09 Feb 2015 by Amy McNab

Did you know a shed erector can begin standing Tilmac fabricated frame sheds immediately as ALL brackets are welded to the frame.The Main frame for a large rural /industrial shed should be standing on day one. Our sheds are made of structural RHS steel which is rigid and easy to handle on large buildings. There are NO Knee or Apex Braces required.Once the main frame is bolted together it can be lifted into place without the use of a spreader bar and extra bracing.The average erector will save approximately 3 days building a shed of this size.This will not only save erecting costs ans time but you will save on other requirements such as a scissor lift hire and crane hire.

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Tilmac Grain Shed in Action

Posted on 03 Dec 2014 by Amy McNab

Check out a Tilmac Grain Shed in action. 
Featured is the Spring Vale Farms Tilmac Grain Shed being used for short term storage of wheat. Watch as the grain is moved from the shed to the truck via the grain/auger chute. 
What a great feeling to have harvest all finished!

Tilmac grain sheds will store and protect your precious assets from the weather during harvest and can double as a machinery/storage shed when not in use! To learn more, click here.

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